This is a subscription service independently offered by 2waytraffic. The way the service works is explained in the text at the bottom of the page.
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Join the Game On service for £4,50 per week Min. age 18+ with bill payers permission.

Players collect points by playing max. 5 questions per week.The weekly highscore qualifies for the monthly final. The best answer to the final question wins a Sony HD Handycam.

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accept the T&C.

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This is a subscription service, it will cost £4,50 a week, until you send STOP to 64848. A quiz consists of 4 rounds and a new quiz starts every month. Next winner will be selected on the 1st of June. Customers, who respond to us with 'yes' in order to confirm sign up through our website, are agreeing to become subscribers. By signing-up for and/or using the service you acknowledge and confirm that you have read the terms & conditions, that you are a resident from the United Kingdom, 18 years or older and authorized account holder and/or that you have the consent of the accountholder. Subscribers compete to win the monthly prize; Whenever a prize exists of a Holiday, the winner will receive a coupon of the amount mentioned on the promotional material. This coupon can be spent to the liking of the winner: to see more details on prizes and their value, check The monthly quiz consists of 5 questions per round, per week. High score players play open question tiebreaker. High score: answer the most questions per week (max. 5) correctly compared to other contestants to get a high score. (multiple high scoring contestants all get invited to the knock out final) Closest/correct answer in knock out final wins. Multiple finalists, play additional tiebreakers.The winner of the final will receive its price within 60 days. Game-on is a product of MYPENGO. MYPENGO offers entertainment for your mobile phone. Helpdesk: 020-30262817 or for more info on the game and winners look on MyPengo is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or retailers. Trademarks, service marks, logos, (including, without limitation, the individual names of products and retailers) are the property of their respective owners.